New Curse Client Feature: Saved Game Sync!


Today, the Curse Client is getting an exciting new feature: Saved Game Sync!  While this feature currently only supports Skyrim, our developers plan to support a host of popular games in the future.  

To ensure an excellent experience for all our users, for the first 24 hours only Premium users will be granted access in order to monitor our systems as closely as possible.  After this small delay, it will be entirely open to every Curse user!

<span style="font-size: large;">What Saved Game Sync Can Do For You</span>

  • No filesize limit!  You're only limited by the number of slots you have, based on membership type.
  • Regular members get two saves with two revisons each, whereas Premium users get 100 saves with five revisions each!
  • Our revision system that keeps past versions of saves, so you'll never have a bricked or broken save again!  Just click on a past revision, and that version will download to your computer, ready for use with Skyrim.
  • Which saves you sync to our servers is up to you, and you can even rename them for easy recognition.  
  • Using Saved Game Sync gives you the freedom to play from multiple computers with the same saves!

Even better, it's simple to use!  Just click the button shown below in the Curse Client (you must have Skyrim installed), and check the box that says "Enable Saved Game Sync".  Choose your saves and you're on your way -- revisions will update as you play!  

<span style="font-size: large;">Why We're Better Than Steam</span>

  • Total size limit of 50mb on Steam Cloud - Skyrim saves can get up to and beyond 10mb each!  Curse does not limit on size, only on file slots.
  • Steam uploads only the most recent saves - We at Curse know that the most recent isn't always better, which is why we let you choose exactly which save you upload!
  • Steam does not keep previous versions - Make a mistake in a quest choice and need to download your previous quicksave?  The Curse Client allows you to do that in one click!
  • Only Curse allows you to name your saves! - Not only do we let you pick and choose what you upload or download, we let you rename the file on our server for quick identification!
  • Ease of use - Curse offers the simpliest, most intuitive interface for managing your saved games available across any number of PCs!  
<div>We're proud of the new addition of Saved Game Sync in the Curse Client, and are excited to release it!  Managing your saves should be easy -- and we're here to help make it even more simple, accessible, and customizable!  If you don't already have the Curse Client installed, go grab it and start using this new extension of our already great features!</div>

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  • Avatar of Acenth Acenth Feb 23, 2012 at 17:08 UTC - 0 likes

    This is planned and will be available as soon as we update (We designed the system to allow sharing).

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Lead Developer, Curse Client

  • Avatar of TrueChaos137 TrueChaos137 Feb 23, 2012 at 03:39 UTC - 0 likes

    A suggestion!

    Allow people to "share" their saves.
    When a save is uploaded, have a box labled "Allow sharing". If this is checked, people can search for you and find that save (and any others marked), or open up a browsing list where they can browse by games, then other categories relevant to said game (such as race, level, etc. for Skyrim).

    Another idea linked to the above, is sending saves to other people.
    For it to work, the person has to have added you to a "friend" list, which will allow them to recieve files from you (to prevent spamming random people). This would allow people to share saves with each other without sharing a name.

    If any of these ARE available, oops. I have yet to actually try it out.



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