World of Tanks and The Secret World Now Fully Supported in the Client!

The Curse Client now has two brand new features -- The Secret World and World of Tanks are now supported, and they come with an easy to use packager for our authors!

We at Curse are always looking for ways to make modding games as simple as possible, and are always eager to support new games. Now, both World of Tanks and The Secret World give users the capability of one-click installations of mods, skins, and addons!

The Client will also manage backups and revisions of your old files to be safe to help ensure that your game will never need to be reinstalled.

In an effort to make placing these highly customizable mods into our Client, we've also created an in-Client packager to help our authors out! With either World of Tanks or The Secret World selected, click Tools -> Create a Package, and follow the given prompts. This wizard will walk you through making an appropriate, Client ready zip to be uploaded to CurseForge.

Thank you to all of our authors who assisted us in testing the Client, as your participation allowed us to release these brand new features quickly!

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