Random Armor Mod

Sep 02, 2014 Planning
My first and random armor mod
Old Annon

Old Annon

Sep 28, 2014 Release
Mod adds a new location - Old Annon , Lakefront Nir and small quest , as well as the history of realized using scraps (30 total) , as well as a variety of armor and weapons 1 . Description: City magicians and engineers once flew , that knowledge did not prevent muscle. For many years, the city prospered , but one day , something happened that destroyed this city . You have to inspect it and see the small part of the city after 15 years after the event. All this and more you will learn...

Graybeard armor

Sep 22, 2015 Inactive
You will find this armor in a crate in High Hrotgar in a coridor next to meditating graybeards. All items reduce your shouting cooldown time, combined up to 70%. Also gives muffle, unarmed combat, magic resistance and increased mana enchantments.