Breezehome First Wing


This mod adds a new wing to Breezehome, but it isn't that easy, the door is locked and you will need to find the key to open the door. You will find your first clue in front of the door. This is the 1st part of a 4 part series of quests that involve upgrading breezehome. Enjoy.

- 2 Mannequins
- 20 Weapon Racks
- Skinning Rack, Workbench, Smithy
- Storage (Pouch and Chest)

The key can be found through the quest, or if you are lazy or just cannot find the key I have added a 2nd key inside the new addition, you can get to the first wing by typing COC FIRSTWING in console. The extra key is on top of a note on the workbench.

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