Cao's Gem Crafting v1

Gems have more value, Crafting with Gems v1

I love to find gems, they feel like a treasure item, but they dont have much use.... so i decided to make them have some magical property. ... with this mod you can cook a gem with a bottle of ale, and it becomes a potion. or you can tan a wolf hide with a gem and it becomes a scroll. you can also smelt 3 normal gems into 1 flawless gem of the same type.

i figured ale is so common, alcohol brings out the potency. and i couldve done paper, but i figured wolves have some spiritual-magical potential so it makes sense to make scrolls from their hide.

i plan to add ALOT MORE recipes when the modtools come out... for now iam limited what i can do. ( i wouldve loved to make a new unique potion and scroll effects for each gem)


If you could donate, it would be great, I spent many hours before the creation kit was released to create this mod, to do so: click the donate button in the upper right, thank you.



use Curse Client


place "cao_GemCraft_1.esp into Skyrim DATA folder

in the launcher tick the checkbox. ... data files grayed out? -scroll down*



ruby + ale = Potion of Extreme Healing

flawless ruby + ale = Potion of Ultimate Healing

sapphire + ale = Potion of Extreme Magicka

flawless sapphire + ale = Potion of Ultimate Magicka

garnet + ale = Potion of Extreme Stamina

flawless garnet + ale = Potion of Ultimate Stamina

amethyst + ale = Philter of Strength

flawless amethyst + ale = Prime Elixir of Plunder

emerald + ale = Deadly Magicka Poison - Damage Magicka 130 pts

flawless emerald + ale = Deadly Poison - Damage Health 65 pts

diamond + ale = Elixir of Health - (2x) Fortify Health 100 pts for 60 secs

flawless diamond + ale = Elixir of Regeneration - Regenerate Health 100 pts for 300 secs


3 gems = 1 flawless gem (3 rubys = 1 flawless ruby) ...etc


ruby + wolf pelt = Scroll of Fireball

flawless ruby + wolf pelt = Scroll of Conjure Flame Atronach

sapphire + wolf pelt = Scroll of Ice Storm

flawless sapphire + wolf pelt = Scroll of Conjure Frost Atronach

garnet + wolf pelt = Scroll of Fast Healing - Restore Health 45 pts

flawless garnet + wolf pelt = Scroll of Cure Wounds - Restore Health 100 pts

amethyst + wolf pelt = Scroll of Chain Lightning

flawless amethyst + wolf pelt = Scroll of Conjure Storm Atronach

emerald + wolf pelt = Scroll of Paralyze

flawless emerald + wolf pelt = Scroll of Mass Paralysis

diamond + wolf pelt = Scroll of Bane of the Undead

flawless diamond + wolf pelt = Scroll of Call to Arms

License use anyway u want, what do i care? i think licenses are BS ... if i made a stone wheel, and no one could alter it.... there would be no rubber tires... -CaoMengde777 peace.

  • Data Files grayed out?

Go to: Drive Letter:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini

For those who haven't bought the game on steam, the SkyrimPrefs.ini file is located in Drive Letter:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

Add these lines, or change them if they already exist so they match the below:



If that fails: Go to: Drive Letter:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Skyrim Make the Skyrim folder un-read only.

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  • Avatar of CaoMengde777 CaoMengde777 Dec 06, 2011 at 21:54 UTC - 0 likes

    oh i didnt even know of that mod... hmm... there shouldnt be any conflict, i only add unique ID recipes to the game... this mod doesnt modify anything already in the game.

  • Avatar of silverbluemoon silverbluemoon Dec 04, 2011 at 18:40 UTC - 0 likes

    Do you know if there are any conflicts with JewelCraft from SkyrimNexus?



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