Compact Dovahkiin Hideout


COMPATIBILITY? This is Compatible with the Standard edition of Dovahkiin Hideout and Dovahkiin Retreat. You will have TWO hatches to two separate hideouts, one being the Standard, one being the Compact.

Click here for the Standard Edition of Dovahkiin's Hideout
Click here for Dovahkiin Retreat


This is a more compact version of the Dovahkiin's Hideout. The Hideout includes doors to all major city houses including Breezehome, Honeyside and the rest. Inside your house you will find a hatch to the Hideout, enter that and you will be inside the Hideout. Inside the Hideout will will find everything a Dovahkiin could need.


- Crafting Room (all tools)
- 50+ Weapon Racks
- Alchemy/Enchanting Tables
- Labeled Chests for better Organization
- 8 Mannequins
- Cooking area
- Bedroom
- Door Room (Entry from all houses in Skyrim.)
- Much more


Add HideoutCOMPACT.Esp to your Data folder, or use Curse client and let it do it.


MAKE SURE that everything is removed from the house, this entire zone will be GONE when you delete it, so make sure to remove everything first or it will be GONE.

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  • Avatar of EmilyJackson12 EmilyJackson12 Nov 23, 2015 at 04:49 UTC - 0 likes

    50 Plus Weapon Racks is a really good thing. It would be something that most of you would be craving for. Others are just visual attractions. Having more in the itinerary is always good for us.

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