Dragon Belly Home - Spouse Usable with Voiced NPC Quest

Dragon Belly

3modz - Dragon Belly by Recon3Y3z

REMOVED ALL NAVMESHES UNTIL BETHESDA FINDS A FIX... The Skyrim 1.5 update has upgraded the navmesh bug to causing CTDs. To prevent crashes I have temporally removed all navmeshes from this mod. This means NPCs will walk around like it's vanilla Skyrim for now.

A spouse usable player home located under Dragon Bridge with a voiced NPC ownership quest.


  • Ownership quest (purchase/murder)
  • NPC with full voice dialog
  • Ownable player home under dragon bridge
  • Spouse can live in the home with you
  • Fast travel map marker
  • Tanning, enchanter, alchemy and cooking
  • Chests, sachels, sacks, barrels and a safe
  • All containers are new "no respawn" named references
  • Garden and other ingredient plants
  • Dock, Walking path and landscaping
  • Increased river fish and mead
  • Increased cheese and mead


  • Alternate ways to gain ownership of house
  • NPC in Dragon Bridge to provide upgrades

Known Issues

  • No Navmeshes to prevent CTDs (still awaiting Bethesdas fix)


  • Dragon Bridge? link

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  • Avatar of Recon3Y3z Recon3Y3z Mar 24, 2012 at 02:48 UTC - 0 likes

    Was forced to remove navmeshs to prevent crashing until we get a game update. D'=