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======= ChangeLog

- Fixed Health Regen while flying. - Attempted to Fix the Rune Bug. - Fixed Other Bugs.

Important Notes And Controls (You Should Read It Before Commenting)

- Save Before Getting the Curse (Sometimes the updates will make the spell disapear.)(And you wont be able to get it again, unless you load this save).

- To Fly, save while transformed into a dragon and load that save. (Else Game Crashes) (Only need to do it once if you keep loading that save).

- To use the dragon shouts, simply go to your shout menu, look for the [Dragon] shouts and equip them.

- To Change back, use the curse shout while on ground. (Not flying.)

- If you get stuck with the flying, re-load your save or type on console ( actionflystop ).

- Landing currently has a bug and it will teleport you to the center of the world.

- At the moment, disable any other dragon mods that mess with the race. My mod isn't compatible yet. Im working now on it to make it so.

- To fly, you need to have your "weapons" on, just press once with mouse1 (attack) and if the dragon attacks you can fly.(Fixing the bug too).

Controls :

Mouse2 : Mouth Attack (no damage.) Mouse1 : Tail Attack / Landing

How to Fly :

First check if your in control of the dragon (the dragon turns with your mouse). If you aren't just press mouse1 or mouse2 to "equip". Once thats done follow the following steps : (The dragon wont fly untill your sure its in control).

Equip the [Fly] Shout and use it once. The Dragon will takeoff. Then once you want to land just use the shout again. DO NOT PRESS R IN THE MIDDLE OF A FLIGHT/LANDING/TAKINGOFF. Once you land just press F5 and F9 (Once the warning shows). Should work just fine.

If you can't Fly at all, check for other mods that mess with the dragon race and disable them :).

======== To do List (Incomplete)

[X] FLYING [BETA] [X] Better Head Control. [Done] [X] New Transformation Effect [Done] [X] Random Dragon Skins! [Done] [X] Bite and Tail Attack. [Done] [X] New Way to get the Curse [Done] [X] Fix Global Health Regen and Dragon Attacks [Done]. [X] Fix Bugs [Done]. [X] Fix Landing [BETA]. [X] Fix Dragons Being Overpowered [Done]. [X] New Rune (Dragon Power Rune) [Done]. [ ] Add A quest [Working On].

Cheats (will teleport you to the Curse Place) (Console):

coc dragonlair02exterior02

Spell IDS : DragonCurseRune (The Rune) DragonCurseSpell (The Curse)

Thumbs up rly help and motivates :). Have fun, and comment :). Its still on BETA. Special Thanks to Everyone, gamespot and bethesda!

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  • Avatar of lilliehawkins lilliehawkins Apr 10, 2014 at 08:27 UTC - 0 likes

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    Last edited Apr 10, 2014 by lilliehawkins
  • Avatar of fluffy730300 fluffy730300 Jul 04, 2012 at 10:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Heloo I have a prob,I can get the trap rune and when I use it it doesn't work nothing happen and I tried everything I disable all of my other mods,everything still nothing happend

  • Avatar of edunad edunad May 18, 2012 at 19:05 UTC - 0 likes

    @Chekatron: Go

    Mh. Some people have been reporting that bug. It might have to do with the fix i implemented so you don't have to save and load in order to fly.

  • Avatar of Chekatron Chekatron May 18, 2012 at 17:37 UTC - 1 like

    Hi, excellent mod but I found some small problems:

    -First, the NPC`s don´t move during the combat, only attack when you approximate to them, and the companions have the same problem. I not have any other mod. I use the version 1.3.10, because the latest version reduces performance on my computer, maybe has something to do.

    -When transformed into a dragon, load the mesh of random dragon and dragon bone, affecting the appearance of the dragon. And why random? Is there any way to select a particular type of dragon? XD

    -The flight is fine, but does not progress continuously except when you're hurt, I don`t know if this is a bug but is rare.

    Thanks for all!


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