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i have no idea on how to describe this project at the moment (but will try)

Dungeon Crawler is made withe dungeon crawling in mind. The base thought is to be able to go dungeon crawling
while still keeping the dungeons's in the main game intact for gameplay purposes.
Anyway if you have played wow or .hack gui you will probably be familiar to how this works.
When you activate this mod you will be able to buy 2 new spells from a new npc in collage of winterhold,
the 2 spells is one that teleports you to Adventures Outpost(dungeon city) and one that teleports you back to the collage of Winterhold (i hope to make this mod as lore friendly as possible therefore spells from magic collage)
When you get to Adventures Outpost(dungeon city) you will see a notice board with notes on it plz read those for in game instructions

If you are interested to contribute to this project
contact me e-mail: [email protected]

Help wanted/needed

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