Epic Elf Race

This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.

What does it add?


A new race for skyrim,with unique face textures. An optional version of the race facial textures,as facemod replacer for vanilla races (female only,and no orcs normalmaps,and no ears),both normal and alternate lips version Facemods and race mods are compatible with cbbe vanilla(from xce) and unp body and there shouldn't be any issue,if you find some,probably it's change to specular map from the body mod,replace the femalehead_s.dds from skyrim\data\textures\EpicElves_zzjay.If the issue doesn't solve this way i'll rework the textures,just leave me a message in the mod topic

The racemod adds 22 eye textures and 11 eyebrows to all human races!


My frst custom race work,i'm the only one who tested it,so i need A LOT of feedback!! Originally i wanted to re-make xenius dryad race,but i found difficult to give unique body textures to the race,so,if this works fine,it will be the next :)

This mod adds a new race,called Epic Elves,originally created for Oblivion by Kani_hime Epic elves feel a bond with nature and strive to live in harmony with the natural world. They are proficient with bows and swords as well as healing magic. The raceial bonus are the same as Breton Race,as well as the presets.


Conjuration +10 Marksman +5 Restoration +5 Speechcraft +5 1hBlade +5 lightarmor +5

The skin textures is based on pretty face by tktk1,and cames in two variants.The alternate lips is merged with neckros's beauty faces for females,and adds a bit of details to the skind and the lips (see pics) I forgot to say it uses vanilla headmesh.to change it,go into data\meshes\EpicElves_zzjay\head\femalehead.nif and fem,alehead.tri


I have this issue:(you may not have it)

1-If i type showracemenu from my race it has no additional parts,like hairs and eyes,change the preset and you can have all the missing parts,but this will restore as default your face,BUT NOT YOUR SKILLS If you type it from another race,everything works fine. I personally recommend to create your char carefully,and not use showracemenu.

Showracemenu bug is caused by the newest version of ck.

2-The Necklaces doesn't show up on the race,even if they're equipped and fully working.I think it's related to the ears,because i've created a new body armature containing the ears too.If someone knows how to fix,pm me or leave a message in the forum I'm also working on some necklace and circlet conversions for oblivion to use different slot.

3-If you have many hairstyles,when you start a new game is recommended to select this race from the male form first,then swap to female.it may thake a bit of time,and even crash sometimes,because it needs to load some scripts. use showracemenu at your own risk,if you change race,you may change your stats,and perks.I just recommend to use it in interiors.

4-there are probably others,so please report them!


Unzip the file,and drag the meshes\txtures folders and esp folder to your skyrim data folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data). Say "Yes" when asked to merge the folders. Activate the Epic Elves by zzjay.esp in your skyrim launcher data files,if needed.

see this tutorial. http://static.skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/images/10168-1-1341317929.jpg

You can either use NMM altough it's not recommended,and may cause a lot of bugs.Also if you have issues with it I canb't help you because i've never used it.


De-activate the esp in skyrim launcher and remove these folders:

-skyrim/data/meshes/EpicElfRace_zzjay -skyrim/data/textures/EpicElfRace_zzjay delete the esp (Epic Elves by zzjay.esp) from your skyrim data folder.

Required files

Skyrim and nothing else

I don't use any FaceGen modification,so if you want to look like in pics,remove them.

Contact me

Do you have any issue?,or you would like to ask for something? Aks in the forum or leave me a PM.I'll try to help you. You can either find me on skyrim nexus.


m14aria radioragae and Seren4XX for the support and eye make up for the face textures kani_hime for the eye textures and original race expired6978 for the usefull tutorial nouserhere for the ear meshes necKros for the alternate lips version tktk1 for the base face textures Jeir and caliente for the cbbe compatibility Xenius for the vanilla body compatibility dimon99 for the unp compatibility Bethesda for creating skyrim

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