Lawrenheim Temple

The Nine shrines
Lawrenheim Temple provides players with and epic place to call home. Furnished with mannequins, weapon racks and custom racks for unique items it allows the display of almost all available weapons and armor in game. The full set of crafting stations allows for hours of woodchopping fun. ;)
Remember to save your game prior installing a new version.

Strongly suggesting you get the v0.801 to avoid the respawning of mannequins and mask busts. If the respawn already happened to you the mannequins will still preserve the armor it just wont be equipped. The masks should return too, if however you dont get em back theres a chest with all the masks straight behind the busts that you can access by using "tcl" console command.
THIS IS STILL CONSIDERED A BETA. All your feedback, comments and suggestions are highly welcome.
The house is accessed by portals on the outside of player houses or inns if a house cannot be purchased in that city. There is also the teleport minor power, the spell tome can be found in Riverwood, outside Hod and Gerdur's house. If you got a modified Riverwood and dont want to load the mod last, a copy of the tome can be found inside of the temple. Of course to enter it you will need to use the console (coc m2temple).
Outdoor access is planned when i figure out what to do with the bugs.
The racks for Ebony Blade, Volendrung and Dragon Claws are messy and youll experience the items going all over the place over time.
Skeleton key rack's activator doesnt get properly disabled on use.
The place is fully navmeshed so you can expect the good old navmesh bug.
I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager. If you however want to manually install the mod you just extract the contents of the archive to <Your game install directory>\Skyrim\Data folder.
Only issues that can emerge are from mods altering outsides of purchaseable houses and inns where the portals are located (same for spell tome location) making them inaccessible.
v0.801 - fixed the respawning issues mainly causing troubles with mannequins and mask busts
v0.800 - fixed the faulty weapon plaques, the shield + weapons ones
- new AIPackage for custom NPCs, hopefully no more wandering
- some minor cosmetic tweaks
- added teleport spell
v0.79.1 - fixed the faulty mannequins
v0.79 - prerelease beta made public

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