Mother of Tears Tome 1

July 16 2012: New Update Quests and replayable quests correction !
Download the Updater here.

All the previous files are needed

It is a four Tomes Story. But not only, Epic Encounters and a lot of Equipment, Contract Helpers and lot more are playable without discovering the Quests. For more information, visite the WIKI.

The Tome 1 consists of five required quests. During these quests The Dovahkiin learn more about dragons return to the world, and defend the Blades against the dragon threat. The player have to face the secret agents of the Mythic Dawn, rebuilding the Dagon's ancient power in the Skyrim. The Ebony Order is also making his opening in the Tome 1. You are helped by various factions. Completing the Tome 1 quests will take approximately 10-25 hours depending on your character's level. Also, the quests are replayable, making the game neverending for those who like it.

From the higher mountains to the frozen sea, discover the new epic saga the Mother of Tears. Across 4 Tomes, you will have to explore and fight in the most dangerous places you ever visited in Skyrim. Raise armies, find your allies will be your unique way to defend yourself from the ancient threats of the Nord. Dragons are awaken, gathering the enemies of humans, dealing secret alliances in the darkness of the giant nests. Learn who could be your friend and who should be your enemy, the time is becoming darker, shadows of the past are approching.

- The VERSION 1 is now released, after 6 month, it is all yours, world wild Fantasy friends. Please comment the release, any bug, any CTD, any problem ? We will try to help you soon as possible.


- The usual users good news: Noreset, you keep all your progress in MoT.

- The Website is now opened, with a WIKI and a Forum.

- All the Update Notes and the News will be posted on the Website.

The Mother of Tears Team,
Boopi, Vyemm

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