Nude Males

NudeNordMale v0.1 - Forest Front NUDE MALES v0.4 Skyrim model/texture mod by thegal Replaces all male models and textures with nude versions. Install by copying files to Skyrim data folder. Leave catalog structures as is. - Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\malebody_0.nif Light Body - Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\malebody_1.nif Heavy Body - Data\textures\actors\character\argonianmale\ Diffuse map - Data\textures\actors\character\argonianmale\ Normal map - Data\textures\actors\character\khajiitmale\ Diffuse map - Data\textures\actors\character\khajiitmale\ Normal map - Data\textures\actors\character\male\ Diffuse map - Data\textures\actors\character\male\ Normal map Experimental: - Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\malebody - too much cake version\malebody_0.nif No so light Body - Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\malebody - too much cake version\malebody_1.nif Estra Heavy Body Changelog: Version 0.4 - Head, hands and feet seams are 98% on all races. - Normalmap redone on all races. - Small mesh adjustments. - Default texture is compatible with standard Skyrim textures. Will only include optional texturesets in included zips. - Added hairy textures from MysticBinary82 - Removed (You might want to delete the old, since it is not compatible with the new body texture) - Added an experimental "Too much cake" version of the model. (Overwheight) - This only works in nude mode, because I wont edit ALL the cloth meshes.... It's not that fun :) - Affects all races - Compatible with regular texture sets. Version 0.3 - Fixed body vanishing bug.. - Added Argonian and Khajiit textures. - Remake of UVmap to conform to all races. - Added hairy, regular and no hair texture versions for humanoids. - Compressed textures with Compressonator to ATI 3Dc - DXT1 standard. - Adjusted seams on neck and arms. - Adjusted minor mesh errors. Version 0.2 - Fixed skinning errors under arms. - Minor adjustment to seam to head. - Changed projectname to NudeMales instead of NudeNordMale because it affects all male bodies. Version 0.1 - First release..

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    Excellent work, Thank you very much.



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Nov 30, 2011
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Nude Males
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