Hush Puppies

Quiet Dog

Replaces dog sounds with either silence, half volume sound clips, or quarter volume sound clips.

Select any of the 3 zips within the larger .zip package and extract into your Skyrim/Data directory

Delete the dog_xxxxx_xx.wav files from the various subdirectories under Skyrim/Data/sound

Delete any individual dog.wave files to restore the original sound clip.
Want idle barks silenced but combat barks original or reduced volume? Just whines removed? No injured dog sounds?
You can mix and match the subfolders from the 3 packages to remove or lessen any of the dog sound files.

Why make this package? While I love having a dog companion I got tired of him whining all the time, and his barks and yelps getting my real dogs excited. Nothing like having a 100 lb mastiff sleeping on my feet under my desk jump up when the game dog barks.  Also I have a rescue dog who gets very upset by the sounds of hurt animals, so this way he doesn't have to hear the dog_injured.wav files.

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