Rosaline Dress for CBBE 5 Retextures of Ashara Romantic Dress

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Hello! This is 7 retextures of a dress from a mod called Ashara Romantic Outfit, this mod is dependent upon that mod and will not work without it, just download any of them as this relies on the mesh files since it's just a retexture. The pricing doesn't really make sense yet, but you can find Rosaline de Amor selling dresses and staffs in Dragonsreach on the right of the Jarl.

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    Lol, sorry man. I don't understand why people cant take a minute or to provide feedback. I think for the most part people feel they are entitled to user mods not realizing or just don't care that these mods are made by unpaid fans not by Bethesda. None of these mods need be shared and they could be stuck playing vanilla Skyrim, ewww! Poeple just aren't grateful. I just found this and I like the way it looks, anyways nice job.

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    Christ, leaving a comment wouldn't kill yall.



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