The Blades Mansion

Is also on (NOTE: THIS MOD REQUIRES BOTH THE MAIN FILE AND THE UPDATE FILE TO WORK) The Blades have passed down their Mansion down for generations. Now, you're the Dovahkiin. You have great responsibilities, And for that, your going to need a bigger home for all your adventures.

Adds a Mansion out the back of Skyhaven Temple. Has all your needs (hopefully) and I'm still adding some.


-Blacksmith room -Alchemy room -Enchanting Room -Main Hall -Master Bedroom -Vendor Room -Skyrim Showroom


-Showroom Improvement -Move Mansion to Wilderness

Currently Working on

-Library -Balcony

BUGS (Read Fixed if there is any)

-Mansion exterior (Large Objects) may not render, this bug has to be fixed by bethesda -Constant crashing in Skyrim


-Latest rendering issue should be fixed. -Crashing should be fixed in the latest file

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