Spirit World Redone




Hey guys, this is my version of Spirit Realm House mod.

I just loved the idea behind the mod but there were some things I wanted to improve, so I made my own version.

In this release, I changed the entrace to Spirit World to a portal like the one at Skuldafn because I just love the animation of that portal and I've been wainting for the CK to make this possible. (Took me a LOT of time to get the scripting right)

You need to have a Dragon Priest Staff in order to open it, and you can then retrieve it and close the portal.


Remember, this mod was based from BillyJunes's Spirit Realm House mod , so if you like this make sure you endorse is work ;)

Update Notes:

If you have a version prior to 1.2 you must first retrive any item you have at Spirit World and leave the place, only then you can update.
If you have 1.2 or higher you only need to replace the files.

Features so Far:

  • Fully animated portal to Spirit World
  • A new house like Hall of Vallor in sovngarde.
  • 12 Weapon Racks
  • 6 Weapon Displays
  • 2 Dagger Displays
  • 4 Manequins
  • 2 Merchants (BlackSmith/Alchemy) - New v1.3

Planned Features:

  • Make a quest to get the Dragon Priest Staff that you need in order to open the gate to Spirit World
  • Companion Navmesh to allow your companion to follow you (25% done)
  • Npc's in Spirit Word like merchants and hired companions
  • New rooms with tons of new stuff and features



  • Complete Spirit World Overhaul (Garden, War Room, Dinner Room and Market)
  • Added 2 Merchants


  • Added 2 Dagger Displays
  • Changed file type to .esm
  • Added Optional File to remove All whirlwind effects (hope this fix the fuzzy lines)


  • Added 6 Weapon Displays
  • Added 14 Weapon Racks
  • Added 4 Mannequins
  • Changed a bit the dinner room
  • Added Navigation Mesh (Not yet finished)
  • Changed file type to .bsa

Install Notes:

Just drop Data folder at your Skyrim location

Stay tunned ;)

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  • Avatar of fluffy730300 fluffy730300 Jul 17, 2012 at 20:04 UTC - 0 likes

    Where do I find the staff and how do I open the portal



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