Favorite StarCraft Race?

  1. Terran:

  2. Zerg:

  3. Protoss:

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  • Avatar of waco2 waco2 Sep 18, 2012 at 03:37 UTC - 1 like

    @greenhorns: Go

    RTSs suck?!?!??!?!?!?!

    this may be your opinion, but the fact that they are one of the most popular game genres indicates otherwise...


  • Avatar of waco2 waco2 Sep 18, 2012 at 03:35 UTC - 0 likes

    age of empires > starcraft

    age of empires online, check it out!

  • Avatar of pyraetos pyraetos Jun 15, 2012 at 21:23 UTC - 0 likes

    @greenhorns: Go

    I care about them :(

    pyraetos BFAK:pyraetos,74694,8641fdc68f36ccaf6606863662f8dce1e653b1a30ac4dd8ebd84ad2d8a636de7

  • Avatar of XenoYoxa XenoYoxa Nov 25, 2011 at 03:44 UTC - 0 likes

    @EaZyAZN: Go

    except marines are OP lol

    Extremism is never the solution. but then again neither is insanity.

  • Avatar of EaZyAZN EaZyAZN Dec 27, 2010 at 03:03 UTC - 0 likes

    Everything is balanced, as most people say... except zerg.

  • Avatar of lordextant lordextant Aug 23, 2010 at 23:04 UTC - 0 likes

    love them all.. great game :)

  • Avatar of glum44f glum44f Aug 22, 2010 at 15:59 UTC - 0 likes

    Zerg is versatile, Terran is OP, Protoss steamrolls everything. Don't hate the game, hate the player :P

    Terran isnt OP, nothing really is you just have to know how to play

  • Avatar of Boneologie407 Boneologie407 Aug 10, 2010 at 06:03 UTC - 0 likes

    I have a hard time pickin my "RAWEST Race" with only 1 campaing........ Zerg is fun, Protoss is Leet, and Terran ...... is still Terran

  • Avatar of greenhorns greenhorns Jul 28, 2010 at 01:59 UTC - 0 likes

    Why on earth is this on Curse Forge? No one here cares about RTS's since they suck.

  • Avatar of chaoslux chaoslux Jul 23, 2010 at 23:41 UTC - 0 likes

    "So... why are you at a website with sc2 in its name?"

    I'll take a guess and say the poll is over multiple websites owned by Curse, because i cant find "sc2" in the name "wowace"

    It's a tough choice for me, i like how the Zerg plays, but the Protoss definetly have the best looking things.


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