WowMatrix is now dead, what do you do?

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  • Avatar of ighoti ighoti Apr 19, 2009 at 02:46 UTC - 0 likes

    I vote with my donations. Until Curse and WoWUI get together and made a single cross-platform addon downloader that works as well as WowMatrix, I only make donations to addon authors who support WowMatrix.

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  • Avatar of tophero tophero Apr 19, 2009 at 02:36 UTC - 0 likes

    lol @ the morons who either can't use the curse client correctly or have such a hard time downloading and installing addons manually.

  • Avatar of Visiongator Visiongator Apr 19, 2009 at 02:07 UTC - 0 likes


    You just got served. Kthx

  • Avatar of Visiongator Visiongator Apr 19, 2009 at 01:41 UTC - 0 likes

    Buddy, I'm not alone in not giving another cent for the mess you and your developer aholes have done to the mac gaming community on the eve of a patch, as a matter of fact you can flame me all you want because i will never return.

    WowMatrix was a far superior product and when it comes back i will be hoping they steal even more from you to finally put you arrogant pr*cks in your place.

    You "tried" to destroy competition and then give us a crappy product and expect us to use it and call it ice cream from heaven.

    For the mac gaming community and/or the people who hate the curse gaming client /sign here to tell ace and curse to kiss your ass.


  • Avatar of Fantamus Fantamus Apr 18, 2009 at 22:22 UTC - 0 likes

    I just spend the day updating everything from the Curse Client. Took a while to say the least. I really have beeb updating every single addon through the Client. So I log off and when I come back and wanna log on I get this crap on 81 of my addons:

    "XXX addon appears to have been modified and no longer matches our database"

    O'RLY? 3 hours before that I reinstalled every addon through the database!?!?!

    Get this crap working if you want people to use it. Cause this is just stupid!!

  • Avatar of greythork greythork Apr 18, 2009 at 22:05 UTC - 0 likes

    As far as I know the Wowmatrix client gave credit and links to official home pages to author mods. The only thing it did that I would consider questionable was deep linking to the actual mod, and that is by far not illegal. Website owners have long had ways to prevent deep linking and hot linking. Sure it sucks that curse and others have finally stopped that. I'm frankly surprised it took this long to stop it. But saying Wowmatrix did anything illegal other than deprive the sites from some banner ad revenue is just silly.

  • Avatar of Briellas Briellas Apr 18, 2009 at 18:24 UTC - 0 likes

    I don't know if anyone noticed but when you use the Curse Client you also get this additional addon for Curse slipped in. It's a tracker. It's just one more way for them to benefit from you using their addon updater as opposed to WM which simply updated.

  • Avatar of hannspree hannspree Apr 18, 2009 at 18:15 UTC - 0 likes

    cann't even find your update. you guy's took something that worked and made it hard WM worked so nice now i'm about to get rid of my addon's so make life easy again and that suckes i liked my addon's but if they don't work there on good to me are they.

  • Avatar of lupusrex lupusrex Apr 18, 2009 at 16:33 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks to the actions of a few developers, I will no longer donate a single penny of my money to ANY developer. And I bet I'm not alone. Good job, folks.

  • Avatar of Stardoe Stardoe Apr 18, 2009 at 16:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Yea i just think this was a way to streamline folks into paying for yet another service ,so that someone could collect gold in there pockets. I think someone has real control issues and really needs to work on letting go!


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