Achievment Screenshotter 2

Mar 12, 2013 bognari3 Release
looking for translators I need your help to translate AS2 in your language. :) english "Screenshot or it didn't happen!" Who hasn't heard that? Well, now you can make sure you can shut those skeptics up, with screenshots of your proudest moments in WoW, take automagically by Achievment Screenshotter 2 This add-on will automatically capture screenshots of important events in the life of your toons: Achievements, BG ends, LFG dungeon ends, level-ups, rep milestones, and boss kills in dungeons,...
little demo


Nov 25, 2013 ithinuel Inactive
This is a simple buff frame for my guildmate and me. I was previously using "guSmallBuff" The 4.0.1 coming, i choose to make my own buff frame.
Failchievements Achievement Pane


Nov 15, 2010 Jerbal Inactive
Failchievements Please use the Curseforge Ticket Tracker to report issues with this addon if you would like them to be quickly and efficiently resolved. Overview A custom achievement suit that offers you with unique challenges and accidental awesomes that may happen in general play, PvE, PvE, or even just standing around talking. This addon adds a new Achievement category, and integrates completely into the built in Achievement system. Just install and play! Mission The purpose of this addon...

Dungeon Helper

Sep 11, 2013 yess Release
Dungeon Helper provides a few helpful improvements to your daily dungeon grinding. Plays an alarm sound when your dungeon invitation pops up (Works with WoW minimized). Shows a dungeon invitation timer. Post the time needed to complete the dungeon into the party chat. "Dungeon completed in: x Minutes" (Optional) Call To Arms Watcher: Announces "Call To Arms" bonus rewards availability of selected roles to your chat or plays a sound. Data Broker Plugin: Dungeon Helper also includes a Broker...