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King of the Hill

King of the Hill

Apr 13, 2014 AoHRuthless Beta
Overview King of the Hill is a minigame in which several teams compete to control a small area called the hill. To score, a team has to dominate the ever-shifting position of the hill. The first team to a designated score, or the team with the highest score when the match ends, will win the game. Can you capture the crown? Note: Please do not download either v0.9.25 or v0.8.89. Both have major bugs that essentially ruin the plugin and might make your players unhappy. Download v0.9.44 here....
vHunger Logo


Mar 29, 2014 AoHRuthless Release
Have you ever wanted to customize your server's hunger properties, without having to install complicated mods or builds like spigot? Do you want to be able to punish your players for ruining their hunger bar, or even disable hunger? Well, now you can. Features Configure effects to give to players at certain hunger levels. You can edit the duration, strength, and the potion effect. Also, there is custom hunger scaling in a variety of categories, such as sprinting and flying hunger. Per-World...
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Feb 09, 2014 AoHRuthless Mature
AN OVERVIEW When your server has more than 25 players, the chat becomes crowded and overloaded. Need a chat plugin where staff can convene with peace of mind? Or maybe you want players to be able to create their own chat rooms. In any case, PlayerChat is the right chat plugin for you. WHY PLAYERCHAT? Incredible Features (see below). Lightweight and easy to use. Useful for staff and players! Most importantly, PlayerChat is consistently being updated. FEATURES Create, Join, and Leave your own...


Feb 01, 2014 AoHRuthless Mature
PlayerLauncher allows players to jump huge distances without fear of fall damage. FEATURES Launch yourself and other players. Set specific launch pads at specific locations where players with appropriate permissions can launch. Specify a specific launch delay as well as items required to launch. Useful for many things such as: - PvP / Raiding: Helpful for evading foes, scaling obstacles, or finding bases. - Mining: Traversing Ravines, jumping out of lava, etc. - Exploring: Faster ways of...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found