Mar 24, 2013 BDelacroix Release
This addon puts all of your tradeskills under one button. It also has a couple of other features. It will configure itself according to the abilities of the current logged on character. Drag the button wherever you want it using the right mouse button and drag action. The interface options features include a scale to shrink the button. Also there you can find a checkbox to turn on the shutup feature and the auto decline duels feature. The shutup module automatically turns off the yell channel...

Stay On Target

Mar 24, 2013 BDelacroix Release
This addon will work like a focus target but works only for the misdirect ability for hunters. You can set a hotkey to the spell if you wish, in fact, that probably works best. If you like clicking, the button works too. No configuration required. Will just exit if the current player does not have the misdirect ability. Set your target with a right click on the misdirect button and select it from the menu. Can only choose party or raid members and pets. If none is the target then the spell...
Trapper Addon Image


Oct 18, 2010 BDelacroix Inactive
This addon frees up the use of up to 5 buttons that will not be needed to place your hunter traps. You get a "bar" in the shape of a bear trap that has the five hunter trap buttons on it. The buttons configures itself depending on the rank of traps your character has and the number of traps. IE: A level 1 hunter will just have the bear trap image as you do not yet have any trap spells to cast. You can move the trap "bar" by just dragging anywhere on the bear trap image. This addon was created...