CFM Config

Chaos Frame Modifier

Jan 11, 2011 ChaosInc Inactive
CFM allows full manipulation of almost any frame in the game. Slash Command /cfm - brings up config /cfm load <Realm> <Name> - swap to another toon's settings (remember to capitalize your realm and name) ESC - closes config Frame List This lists your frames currently in your database. Left Click: Selects the frame and fills in it's info in all other frames (except "Add Frame"). Right Click: Prompts removal of the frame from the database. Properties Tab Pretty straight forward. Anchor Tab...
MageTaxi GUI

Mage Taxi

Dec 16, 2010 ChaosInc Inactive
Why are there so many mods for trade skill spam and not a single one for the easiest money maker in the game: mage ports? Well here it is. This is built to be simple and efficient for advertising mage ports. Old versions of MageTaxi will need to be fully deleted! Don't just "drag-n-drop" replace it! (people actually still have them?!?!) Features Automatically detects for Alliance/Horde Easy one-button spamming Automatic Trade channel detection once you enter a city/log in Automatically...

Chaos Art

Aug 04, 2009 ChaosInc Alpha
Another installment of rewrites of the old Discord mods. This one is based off of Discord Art. STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT. NO RELEASES AT THIS POINT