Oct 15, 2014 Corveroth Release
Geppetto pops up a window to add any Toys from your bags to your Toy Box. No need to search manually! Geppetto will also scan your bank if it's open! Click the button repeatedly to advance through your available inventory and: Withdraw Toys from the bank Learn any Toys you're carrying Delete any extra, unsaleable Toys Vendor any extra, saleable Toys Geppetto also highlights Toys in the Toy Box that are unobtainable.
Screenshots: Serious Business

Perfect Screenshot

Feb 06, 2014 Corveroth Inactive
Perfect Screenshot Perfect Screenshot offers key bindings to automatically hide your interface while taking screenshots. Usage SHIFT-PrintScreen shoots with the UI and names hidden. CTRL-PrintScreen shoots with the UI hidden, but names shown. ALT-PrintScreen temporarily disables combat text, and shoots after existing text has cleared from the screen. All key bindings can be edited from the Blizzard Key Bindings menu, or quickly via /ps
Current Tooltip


Jan 26, 2014 Corveroth Inactive
IceCap is a gearing assistant for Mages. It displays the rating needed to reach the crit (Shatter) and hit caps, as well as the nearest haste breakpoints for Living Bomb, Nether Tempest, and Combustion, plus a few other things that're handy for maging. To configure, click the new icon on your character sheet and select each buff you expect during a raid. IceCap will account for your current gear, level, race, professions, and Arcane Brilliance automatically, and assumes a boss level target...
Currencies Panel

The Alternative

Mar 23, 2013 Corveroth Inactive
The Alternative provides a Blizzard-styled currency display for all of your characters. Integrated with your character sheet: No minimap button clutter! Also accessible via keybind (default: Shift-C). Tracks all characters, currencies, and realms, with per-faction totals for the selected realm. Sortable interface shows only the currencies you're interested in. Feel free to report bugs or offer suggestions in the comments, @corveroth, or to [email protected]