ABugCatcher Icon


Jun 11, 2012 Crypton Release
What is ABugCatcher (ABC) ? Besides the clever name, ABugCatcher is designed to prevent those annoying error message popups and even hide the messages completely should you wish them to be hidden. In "some" cases, the default ingame error window cannot be closed at least not with a simple click of a button. It tends to want to take over your game preventing you from doing anything. ABC will rescue you from frustration. Usage Use /abc to open the UI Use /abc on to turn on showing errors in...
Location Tooltips

Advanced Quest Book

Jun 16, 2012 Crypton Release
Advanced Questbook is designed to help you with your questing needs including information and locations. News: 06/15/2012 Advanced Questbook is being recoded. While I am in the process of recoding I will be trying to optimize how AQB works as well as possibly adding some new features that have been requested both in the past and present. Updates will be slow for the current AQB releases until I get the new version complete. I will however fix any issues players report if there is indeed an...
ACL Config Panel

Advanced Combat Log

Jul 11, 2012 Crypton Beta
Advanced Combat Log (ACL) is an easily customizable replacement for the default ingame combat log. Advanced Combat Log should work with all language versions of the game, however not all languages are translated for the UI. If you would like to translate, please visit the link here: Default English UI will load for all that are unsupported currently. Slash Command for those without AM: /acl Features: Configuration Panel Easy /acl...
Auction Browse Frame w/ Saved Search v2.7.1

Advanced AuctionHouse

Oct 14, 2014 Mavoc Release
Project Links FAQ Ticket Tracker: Report Bugs Help With Translation Work Description This addon is a large improvement over the standard game auction frame. It adds several new features and improves or fixes basic features of the auction house. It removes the page concept and adds all pages to one long list of up to 500 (server side limitation). Allows you to sort and filter out results for easier searching of what you want, and allows you to see and sort by the price per unit. Speeds up...