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Mar 01, 2014 DavidCallanan Inactive
ForceMsg Information This plugin will allow you to force players to send any message you want in chat and it will come up. This plugin is very simple to use with only one command required! There is color support if essentials or a chat color related plugin is installed! Downloads will be on the right > Commands /forcemsg <player> <message> : Force a player to send a message Requires Op. Permissions coming soon! Video Minecraft: Bukkit Plugin Review - ForceMsg - I'm not sure how to embed a...


Dec 08, 2013 DavidCallanan Release
Weaponz Information: This plugin adds fun weapons to the game, currently there's only 3 weapons and 1 diamond blowgun power upgrade! Please comment for more weapons and I might add them! Check coming soon to look at the new awesome weapons that will be added hopefully! Weapons: Diamond blow-gun, explode areas by shooting, range:20, will be changed in 1.2 Diamond blow-gun glowstone dust power up. put glowstone dust in your inventory, you will then shoot 2 gunpowder, your explosion is much...


Dec 06, 2013 DavidCallanan Release
uNoOp Information: This plugin removes the /op and /deop command to stop any hackers or other players opping people, If you'd like to op someone, for the moment edit the ops.txt file and add/remove them. Soon we will be allowing /op in the console! Also soon will be a config file allowing you to change what text comes up (default Unknown command). Idea by j_bor123456789 Downloads: Current Versions: Plugin version 1.0 Minecraft version 1.6.4 or 1.7.2 -> Download at the files page Commands:...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found

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