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Black List

Sep 07, 2012 ElrickEnonimis Release
What is Black List? Black List is a World of Warcraft addon that adds a new players list (called "Black") to your Friends Tab on the Social Panel, near Friend List, Ignore List and Mute List. It adds a "Black List" tab to the friends frame. This is like Ignore, except unlimited amounts of players with editable descriptions, class, race, level, faction, and detailed reason for blacklisting them. Optionally automatically warns you with sound and a screen message when a blacklisted person is...
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Roath Action Bar

Nov 29, 2010 ElrickEnonimis Inactive
=========== Roath Action Bar =========== - Moves the all three horizontal actionbars on top of each other (if they are enabled) - Moves the Shapeshift/Stance and petbar on top of the actionbar stack (screenshots should help explain this) - Relocates/Removes the micromenu (optional) - Relocates/Removes the bags (optional) - Relocates/Removes the Keyring (optional) - Removes the actionbar paging buttons and number - Move the casting bar up so it doesn't overlap the actionbars (adjustable) -...
Default tooltip appearance


Nov 28, 2010 ElrickEnonimis Inactive
This addon shows a basic dungeon tooltip on world and zone maps. It's currently in development so some ionformation isn't yet present. The information listed in the tooltips include: - the level range of mobs found in that particular zone, as well as whether it is freindly, hostile, or contested with your current faction (Alliance or Horde) - the exact level range of the summoning stones for the dungeons in that zone (in yellow) - the exact level range of the mobs found inside the dungeons...
Guild Blacklist

Guild Blacklist

Nov 06, 2010 Rinu Inactive
What is Guild Blacklist? As the name already says, Guild Blacklist is an alternative to you ignore list. You can simply add players who are really bad or players you never want to play in a group again. If a player who is on your blacklist joins your party/raid or is already in that party/raid, you are getting a chat and sound message so you can not miss it. Syncing Your Blacklist always get synced to the blacklist of other players in your guild. There is kind of a priority system with...