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Jump Sponge

Jul 31, 2013 EquinoxDragon Inactive
This simple plugin is fun for the entire server and can also be ran side by side with RPG plugins, mini-games, and more to add on to the fun! Simply jump on a sponge and you'll super jump into the air! The plugin can be disabled and enabled at anytime in the configuration file, so when you want to the fun you can just go ahead and set enabled to false. The plugin only has one permission node which is the permission to actually use the sponge. Permissions: - jumpsponge.use - Actually use the...

Horse Essentials

Jul 29, 2013 EquinoxDragon Release
The Horse Essentials plugin for Bukkit! Hate how Mojang doesn't have any crafting recipes for horse items? If you do, this is the plugin for you! Craft saddles, horse armor, and nametags! Commands: /horse - Displays plugin information and a link to this page so players can learn the crafting recipes! Crafting recipes: Diamond Horse Armor: Gold Horse Armor: Iron Horse Armor Saddle: Nametag: Hey! Like my plugins? Look next to the Curse Logo on the right-hand of your screen. There should be...
Arrow Teleportation Logo

Arrow Teleportation

Jul 25, 2013 EquinoxDragon Release
This is the Arrow Teleportation Plugin for Bukkit! This plugin allows a player to teleport around the server by shooting an arrow. The player can toggle the plugin's effects and this is a great donor perk for PvP, Raid, or Faction servers. Really for any server looking to find a fun way to teleport around the server. Shooting an arrow into a base is a great advantage. The plugin only has one permission which allows the player to actually use it. Permissions: - arrowtp.use | Allows a player to...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found