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Dec 12, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
Help and Support When reporting bugs, or suggesting new features, please use the Ticket Tracker located at - I don't get emailed about new comments on the EPA Curse page, but I do get emailed about new tickets on CurseForge. This will ensure that your problem or suggestion is looked at in hours and not weeks. You use the same login on CurseForge as you do on Curse. No matter how small or insignificant you think your bug/suggestion...
Brohoof Received


Oct 10, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
About Since the /brohoof command doesn't exist, I decided to make it so. That, and there are very few addons related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Curse. Usage Target someone. Type in either /bh, /hoof or even /). If they have the addon installed, they will receive a notification about your brohoof. What happens next is up to them. Bugs and Suggestions Please use the Ticket Tracker to report bugs and suggest features. This page is not checked for new comments, so any bug reports...


Aug 27, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
About AntiPetBattle does exactly what the name implies. It blocks Pet Battle requests from other players. It is a lightweight addon that can be toggled on or off with a single command, to allow or deny requests as you see fit. Usage /apb toggle - Enable or disable blocking of Pet Battle requests. Bugs/Comments/Suggestions? Please submit a ticket via CurseForge.


Aug 27, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
About Are you a tank who likes to know: When the Warrior changes stances (in case he goes Defensive)? When the Death Knight changes Presence (in case he goes Blood)? When the Paladin turns Righteous Fury on and off? When the Hunter is using Aspect of the Pack? StanceAlert will check your Combat Log for all of this, and alert you when any of it happens. Features Checks for Warriors changing to Battle, Defensive or Berserker Stance. Checks for Death Knights changing to Blood, Frost or Unholy...


Jul 08, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
About DuelResponse is an addon designed to make handling duel requests much easier. Are you sick of ... ... your low level alt constantly being challenged to duels by higher level players? ... losing a duel while PvP flagged and immediately being killed by some random enemy player? ... being challenged while marked as Away or Busy, and then being called a chicken? ... being challenged while low on health or mana? ... being challenged while you have Resurrection Sickness? ... being challenged...


Jun 26, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
About DispelAnnounce is a lightweight addon that informs your party or raid whenever you dispel a magical effect. It will also inform everyone when a dispel fails. Features Lightweight, clean and simple. Entirely automatic: Knows whether or not it is in a LFR/LFD group or a normal group. Informs party/raid of unsuccessful as well as successful dispels. Chat messages can be turned off to prevent spam. Credits Yolag (Lightbringer EU) - Testing Zhyrius (Outland EU) - Code help Rocketsauce...

Alice's TauntWatch - Pets

Jun 26, 2015 SilentAlice Release
About TauntWatch Pets functions in the same way as TauntWatch, except it monitors your Combat Log for pet taunts, and adds a message to your default chat frame whenever a pet uses one. As with TauntWatch, the message includes the name of the taunt, the pet name and the target name in one line, with a colour code that is very easy on the eye (class colours for taunt name and Pet name, and the default "hostile" red colour for enemy name). EXAMPLES <font color="#ABD473">Nekruk</font> used <font...

Alice's TauntWatch

Jun 26, 2015 SilentAlice Release
About AlicesTauntWatch monitors your combat log for taunts being used by other players and sends a message to your party or raid whenever somebody uses one. It also alerts you when people use abilities which generate a lot of threat, such as Frost Shock. This is a useful addon for tanks. The chat message includes the name of the taunt, the name of the person who used it and their target name (if they have one). Chat messages can also be disabled or enabled with a single command: /tw rep....