Jul 08, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
About DuelResponse is an addon designed to make handling duel requests much easier. Are you sick of ... ... your low level alt constantly being challenged to duels by higher level players? ... losing a duel while PvP flagged and immediately being killed by some random enemy player? ... being challenged while marked as Away or Busy, and then being called a chicken? ... being challenged while low on health or mana? ... being challenged while you have Resurrection Sickness? ... being challenged...


Jun 26, 2015 GeodesicDragon Release
About DispelAnnounce is a lightweight addon that informs your party or raid whenever you dispel a magical effect. It will also inform everyone when a dispel fails. Features Lightweight, clean and simple. Entirely automatic: Knows whether or not it is in a LFR/LFD group or a normal group. Informs party/raid of unsuccessful as well as successful dispels. Chat messages can be turned off to prevent spam. Credits Yolag (Lightbringer EU) - Testing Zhyrius (Outland EU) - Code help Rocketsauce...