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Don't Stand On The Rails

Mar 16, 2012 IronCrystal Inactive
What Does It Do: This is a plugin which will kill any mob or player (excluding people on create) who get in the way of a minecart. Why Is This Useful: Many who own "minecart servers" don't want minecarts to be stopped, and this allows the minecart to continue in the direction it was travelling without stopping. Commands: /deathbyminecarton -turns this plugin on /deathbyminecartoff -turns this plugin off By default this plugin is on. Source:...


Mar 09, 2012 IronCrystal Inactive
SetSpeed is a plugin where one can edit how fast the player can run, fly, and swim. The multiplier will last until the server is turned off or the server is reloaded. Commands /sp <multiplier> -multiplies all speeds /spa <multiplier> -multiplies all flying speeds /spsp <multiplier> -multiplies all sprint speeds /spsn <multiplier> multiplies all sneak speeds /spw <multiplier> -multiplies all swim speeds Permissions sp.all sp.air sp.sprint sp.sneak sp.water Source...
Sheep with Wool


Feb 25, 2012 IronCrystal Inactive
This is a fun little plugin that I made. What it does: When a player shears a sheep, it will drop 2 or 3 random colored wool. Modes: Ops, or those with permission, may change the mode of this plugin. The plugin has two modes: sheepnevershearon sheepnevershearoff By default, sheep will lose their wool when they are sheared. When it is turned on, then sheep will never lose their wool, and the player can spam the sheep until the shears lose their durability. Commands: /sheepnevershearon -turns...
Outside of Wood House


Feb 09, 2012 IronCrystal Inactive
This is a simple plugin which helps newer players. This plugin will make a simple house with just a command. When used, it makes a simple house around the player and drops a door and a single torch. Commands: /househelp -Shows the help page /woodhouse -builds a house made of wooden planks /brickhouse -builds the same house but out of brick Permissions -Allows the use of /househelp HouseBuilder.whouse -Allows the use of /woodhouse HouseBuilder.bhouse -Allows the use of...

American Football

Feb 15, 2013 IronCrystal Release
American Football is an attempt to make a sport plugin similar to the American Football sport. Commands: /fb start -starts a football game /fb over -ends the current football game /fb create -creates a football field /fb cancel -deletes the current football field /fb join -joins the game Config: You can choose the names and colors of the teams and max team size, and how long the game lasts, in addition to a new power throw feature. Creating a field: 1. Type /fb start 2. Mark an outermost...
Torture Logo


May 20, 2012 IronCrystal Release
Finally released! Works for 1.2.5! Torture is a plugin where you can "torture" other players. This can be used for a variety of reasons, but you can use it to do whatever you want. This can be used for role playing, such as making yourself go blind, or hungry, or it could be used as a way to bother griefers when they grief you. There are a variety of commands ranging from leaving yourself with one health, to making one go blind, nausea, hungry, and even death. Commands: Note: If you do not...
  • 6 bukkit plugins found