JArch's Assets

Jan 28, 2015 JacktheArcher Release
I've decided to upload most of the models I've created lately, as I find it selfish not to release my mediocre models. All of the models use in game textures and use WoL only assets (Will be marked if they use HoTs). I can't really model so none of these are amazing or high end things. I also moved my old assets here cause its a pain to manage multiple asset pages (not that the others were very active). I don't really take requests but if its easy enough I'll probably do it. Click on FILES at...
Immortal Shield Red

Recolored Effects

Jul 04, 2012 JacktheArcher Mature
I've had a few requests for recolored effects this is what I've done so far.If i say so myself there pretty freaking awesome. There not perfect but there honestly quite good. So please give credit if you use these.
Dark Selendis Zealot

Dark Selendis Zealot

Jun 21, 2012 JacktheArcher Release
I retextured Exterminatus303's Selendis Zealot into a Dark Selendis Zealot. I also fixed the problem with the model using a specular texture as the emissive. Note that upon Exterminatus303's request this will be removed.
Dark Protoss Static Portrait Stalker

Dark Protoss Static Portraits

May 21, 2012 JacktheArcher Release
A few dark protoss static portraits (aka the 2D image instead of the 3D moving portraits) based off of Thrikodias's dark protoss portraits. You dont have to give credit but feel free. Note that these are based of Thrikodias's portraits all i did was go in game and take a picture of them attempted to get rid of some of the blue background from the previewer and saved them as .dds.