Failchievements Achievement Pane


Nov 15, 2010 Jerbal Inactive
Failchievements Please use the Curseforge Ticket Tracker to report issues with this addon if you would like them to be quickly and efficiently resolved. Overview A custom achievement suit that offers you with unique challenges and accidental awesomes that may happen in general play, PvE, PvE, or even just standing around talking. This addon adds a new Achievement category, and integrates completely into the built in Achievement system. Just install and play! Mission The purpose of this addon...


Nov 09, 2010 Jerbal Inactive
Clairvoyant Overview PvP spell notification addon which combines incoming casted crowd controls and spells, outgoing casted crowd control spells and targets, and crowd control spells successfully casted on your party and their duration. Objective Inform you and your team exactly what is going on in the battle field. Know when your healer has been crowd controlled and for how long, know when anyone around you is crowd controlled, and try to give a warning to players who may be able to line of...