Chef Time

Oct 15, 2014 KippG Release
Displays who has or does not have the food buff "Well Fed" and a flask/elixir buff. Now you will always know if a feast needs to be dropped or a cauldron. Results can be sent to yourself, party, raid or battleground. There are 3 different levels of reporting. There are 4 settings to choose from for each group type. You can individually control the output for these groups: Self Party Raid 10 Raid 20 Raid 25 Raid 40 Battleground 10 Battleground 15 Battleground 40 Settings for each group type...
HUD (health and mana)

Life Monitor

Oct 15, 2014 KippG Release
Monitors your health and your mana (if used) and alerts on multiple levels and multiple ways. If your health or mana get low the following alerts can be used. HUD, in the middle of the screen your health or/and mana status will be displayed briefly with large letters Audible alert Screen edge flashing for heath (red) and mana (blue) when very low Chat box alerts for healers announcing to your group (raid/party) All alerts types can be enabled or disabled Percentage levels for alerts can be...


Apr 21, 2014 FireSerpent Planning
I was delighted to see an un-restricted (no zoom or panning limits) minimap browser within the game itself with Navigator-legacy by Rettard. I plan to expand Navigator-legacy with this project adding route line overlays and perhaps map outlines like I did in my HTML/JavaScript program ( ) The first goal will to be to improve the performance of follow-mode by only having it pan when the player gets close to the...

Objectives Hide

Oct 15, 2014 KippG Release
The Objective list is Blizzards frame to display your quests and achievements. This is a simple addon that will automatically hide the list when you enter combat and show the list once combat has ended. Usage: /KOH | /OH [on | off | show | hide] Options on/off, enabled and disables the addon. show/hide, completely shows or hides the Objective list frame including the collapse button. Example: /koh on Bug Reports? Suggestions, comments? Elektrode (Grizzly Hills)

ShammyShields Anchor

Nov 15, 2014 KippG Release
ShammyShields Anchor is specifically for restoration shaman's using HealBot Continued and ShammyShields. This addon will keep ShammyShields anchored to HealBot as HealBot changes locations and shape due to your group changing. Usage /KSSA | /SSAnchor [Position] [HBFrameName]. Positions = [left|right|top|bottom|off]. Healbot Frame = [self|main tanks|healers|group|my targets|focus|raid|pets|vehicle|targets] Example: /kssa top main tanks Thanks to: BMCKay for ShammyShields and StrifeCUK for...
SpeedO - Display


Mar 07, 2015 KippG Release
SpeedO displays your your current travel speed and map coordinates in a minimalistic way. Displayed Info: X, Y location Speed in % of running. [Note 1] Speed % horizontally over the map. (excludes loss of momentum when ascending or descending) Degrees Pitch angle Display: Small format to not be a distraction or waste screen space. Can be moved to any place on the screen but by default it is displayed in the very top left corner of your screen. Note 1) Blizzard considers running to be 100%....

TomTom Crazy Arrow Hide

Oct 15, 2014 KippG Release
Hides while in combat. This is a simple addon that automatically hides the TomTom "Crazy-Taxi" arrow when you enter combat and show once combat has ended. Usage: /KCAH | /CAH [on/off/mnton/mntoff/show/hide/#/defaults/help] Options On/off to enable or disable automatic hiding. Show/hide to manually show or hide the Crazy Arrow. Mnton/mntoff to enable or disable arrow hiding when mounted. # (a number in seconds) to set the delay out of combat to show the Crazy Arrow. Default to reset settings....