Jun 28, 2013 Malsomnus Release
You know how you're about to pull a raid boss that takes 12 minutes to kill, but, oh no, you have only 10 minutes left on your flask, but you still have to drink a new one because doing that in the middle of combat requires too much attention and you'll probably forget anyway? Say hello to Flaskaholic, a discreet little button that you can put anywhere on your screen, preferably in an area you look at often, and once your flask runs out it will immediately light up and allow you to drink a...


Aug 11, 2013 Malsomnus Release
This little add-on allows you to track any buffs or debuffs on yourself or anybody else. For each buff it can also display either the value or the number of stacks. For example, you might want to track the number of stacks of a boss debuff on the raid's tank, or you might want to track the value of Ignite on your target. The add-on works with the same unit names you might know from macros, such as "player", "target" or "pet", as well as specific character names. To track a new buff or debuff,...


Dec 03, 2013 Malsomnus Release
A group of bars tracking everything that a monk tank has to keep track of. This should, in theory, work for all client languages. This currently tracks: Stagger - total damage Shuffle - time left Elusive Brew - stacks/ time left Vengeance - value and time left Guard - value and time left Zen Sphere - time left Dampen Harm - stacks/ time left Fortifying Brew - time left


Dec 03, 2013 Malsomnus Release
How many times have you fought Elegon and people forgot their assigned pillars? How many times have you fought Megaera and people forgot when to use each raid cooldown? Lei Shen conduit assignments? Heroic Will spark assignments? Well, no more! Raidminder is a simple utility that allows a raid leader to send a few notes to each raider, which will stay on his or her screen with simple reminders such as "p1 - blue, p2 - red" or "#3 tranq". Better still, it allows the raid leader to plan these...


Dec 03, 2013 Malsomnus Release
This tiny add-on splits items in guild bank into smaller stacks. I wrote it because my guild prepares flasks in stacks of 3 before every raid, in a tab where everyone can withdraw one stack, and making these stacks manually seemed like a waste of time. Usage: Put the flasks in the right tab. Type, for example, "/hhsplit 3". Click a stack of flasks. The add-on will break it into stacks of 3 and put them in the next free slots in the same tab. The add-on will split any stack you click on until...


Jan 16, 2014 Malsomnus Release
MyMagicMarker is a powerful tool that allows you to automatically mark mobs during combat. I wrote this add-on during a progression raid on Horridon HC, because DBM didn't have the option of marking the big adds (yes, I know they added it eventually). It's meant to give a raid leader all the flexibility that existing tools like DBM don't give you, plus a few more interesting features. So what does it do? Enter any mob's name, and select up to 8 marks for it. Mobs by that name will be marked...


Jan 27, 2014 Malsomnus Release
The only way to know what this add-on does is to download it. You can look at the Change Log for cryptic hints though. Disclaimer: This add-on will not attempt to harm you in anyway. This add-on will not do anything during combat. This add-on will not interact with other players on your behalf. This add-on will not affect your gameplay.


Feb 16, 2014 Malsomnus Release
This add-on will remind you of all the things which you already know you need to do, they're so obvious, but somehow they just slip your mind every now and then. No more wearing Holy gear after changing spec to Protection, no more raiding with a fishing rod, and no more forgetting to put poison on your daggers before an important boss fight! Features: A little frame which tells you that you're awesome. As soon as you do something silly, like try to tank in Frost Presence, a red light will...
WatchIt Debug Tool v1.03

WatchIt Debug Tool

Mar 08, 2014 Malsomnus Release
This is a little utility for developers, that allows you to conveniently view complex variables. To view a global variable named myTable, simply run the command: WatchVar ('myTable') The function returns the frame it creates so you can reposition it from your code. You can also move it freely from the GUI, and scale it by pressing ctrl and using the mouse wheel. As of v1.02, there is also a slash command so you can simple write /watch myTable right there in your chat box. Note: You can use...
Arcira v1.00


Mar 27, 2014 Malsomnus Release
This add-on provides a better and prettier display for Arcane Charges. It will show more useful things as soon as someone who actually plays an arcane mage tells me what to add.


Apr 14, 2014 Malsomnus Release
This add-on allows you to set automatic messages to be sent to anyone in your raid group on specific boss events. For example, remind people where to go on Lei Shen's transitions or Elegon's add phase, or remind people which raid cooldowns to use on Megaera's rampages or Jin'rokh's lightning storms. In addition it can be used to make buttons for custom messages, such as "dispel me!" to healers on Jin'rokh HC. You can use the Preview feature to send all raiders their messages in advance so...