Auction Browse Frame w/ Saved Search v2.7.1

Advanced AuctionHouse

Apr 12, 2014 Mavoc Release
Project Links FAQ Ticket Tracker: Report Bugs Help With Translation Work Description This addon is a large improvement over the standard game auction frame. It adds several new features and improves or fixes basic features of the auction house. It removes the page concept and adds all pages to one long list of up to 500 (server side limitation). Allows you to sort and filter out results for easier searching of what you want, and allows you to see and sort by the price per unit. Speeds up...


Mar 01, 2014 McBen Release
WoWMap - English Description Tired of having to work your way through that annoying dropdown menu every time you want to check something on a different map? Then WoWMap is for You! It makes the map in Runes of Magic feel more like the map in World of Warcraft for easier handling and displays maps inside of instances as well. Features Easy Handling: Switch from one map to another with an easy to use interface: Leftclick an Icon on the map to switch directly to that map. i.e. you can change to...

Auto Equip Ammo

Jul 14, 2013 Mavoc Release
Auto Equip Ammo Description Automatically equip any ammo of the same type equipped if you are not at max ammo. This addon will do a check for usable ammo every time your bag changes. This will allow looted ammo to be automatically equipped and save time and money for a Scout. Rogues will find limited usefulness out of this, but if you just equip the ammo type that drops the most then you will most likely not have to worry about running out ever. You can also buy and unpack your arrows into...
Raksha Temple

WoWMap Instances

Nov 29, 2011 McBen Release
WoWMap Instances v4 is an addition to the regular WoWMap and includes ALL existing Instancemaps of Runes of Magic. If you still have problems to display the correct map inside of an instance, this addon will solve that problem. Please notice, that this addon ONLY works in combination with WoWMap and has absolutely no effect when using it without it. It is released in a standalone project, because this addition is only needed for players that use an old gameclient of Runes of Magic and has a...
Pet Auto Craft - v1.0 - Running

Pet Auto Craft

Nov 29, 2011 Mavoc Release
Pet Auto Craft Description Pet Auto Craft(PAC) automates the process of selecting/equipping tools, choosing a crafting level, and starting the craft. When you are finished with a stack of tools, PAC will harvest the items and then find the next tool stack and repeat the process. If you are crafting at a vendor, then PAC will sell the Mysterious Item and buy more tools. If you were crafting when you logged out or Reloaded your UI, PAC will continue the crafting when you log back in. Botting...

Pet Auto Event

Jan 16, 2011 Mavoc Inactive
Pet Auto Event Description A Pet Event hidden timer starts when you summon your pet, when you change zones that forces the pet summoned dialog to appear, or after a PEt Event gets triggered. The server-side timer is random between 1-3 hours in increments of 10 minutes (ie. 60,70,80,90,... minutes). Sadly there is no way to predict the next event due to the inability to read this server-side timer. All events will timeout after 5 minutes. This addon will allow you to select the rewards you...

Buy Stack

Jan 11, 2011 Mavoc Inactive
Allows you to buy a full stack of items from the vendor using Shift Right-Click

Crafting Tweaks

Jan 10, 2011 Mavoc Inactive
Crafting Tweaks Description This is a collection of fixes and tweaks for the crafting interface. This addon duplicates the timer feature of Mended Craft(by C3Y) and should not be used together with Mended Craft. The big feature with this addon is a fix for the Improved Crafting Speed set skill that only reduces the craft time of the first item in the queue. If the buff from this skill is active, then then queue will stop and restart after every craft to work around this bug. Features changes...


Dec 03, 2010 Mavoc Inactive
Luna Short Description Luna is a developers tool for handling addon commutation between players. It allows any addon to register with it and send messages that go out over a single private chat channel and then returns any messages it sees for that addon. Messages will be added to a queue and be sent out one at a time in 2 second intervals to avoid the spam filter. This means that Luna is not for time sensitive messages or for rapid sending, but for syncing of data like resource node...
zMailQueue with standard interface


Nov 24, 2010 Mavoc Inactive
English Description This addon provides a queue to quickly send multiple ingame mails with attachments to the same recipient. Its fully compatible with RoMail, yBag, zBag and the standard interface bags. Installation Either use Curse Client to install the addon or unpack the folder manually to your Runes of Magic\Interface\Addons folder. Usage To queue an item simply open the mailbox and then rightclick on the item in your inventory that you want to queue. If the item is sendable (not locked,...

Self Chat Color Changer

Mar 24, 2010 Mavoc Inactive
This is a rework of GuildChatColor and Chat Color Changer that will let you change the color of your chat for ONLY your screen. Everyone else will see the normal default colors but you can make yourself stand out more for your own viewing. Each chat channel can be set it a unique color. I made this addon as I feel it is rude to change your chat for everyone because it comes across as what you have to say is more important then what others have to say. Even more annoying then someone who talks...


Feb 19, 2009 Mavoc Inactive
Stops the New Bug Message Popup that came with Patch 1812, and sends the message to the Default Chat Frame. This is just an edit of Bother's StopScrollBanner I make no claim to this bit of code