Pet Auto Craft - v1.0 - Running

Pet Auto Craft

Nov 29, 2011 Mavoc Release
Pet Auto Craft Description Pet Auto Craft(PAC) automates the process of selecting/equipping tools, choosing a crafting level, and starting the craft. When you are finished with a stack of tools, PAC will harvest the items and then find the next tool stack and repeat the process. If you are crafting at a vendor, then PAC will sell the Mysterious Item and buy more tools. If you were crafting when you logged out or Reloaded your UI, PAC will continue the crafting when you log back in. Botting...

Pet Auto Event

Jan 16, 2011 Mavoc Inactive
Pet Auto Event Description A Pet Event hidden timer starts when you summon your pet, when you change zones that forces the pet summoned dialog to appear, or after a PEt Event gets triggered. The server-side timer is random between 1-3 hours in increments of 10 minutes (ie. 60,70,80,90,... minutes). Sadly there is no way to predict the next event due to the inability to read this server-side timer. All events will timeout after 5 minutes. This addon will allow you to select the rewards you...