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Oct 16, 2014 MrLolEthan Release
Combat the way YOU want it! - CombatTweaks is a Bukkit plugin that allows you to change the way Minecraft combat works. Want to make axes do more damage to armor? How about making the damage that diamond swords deal static (Unaffected by things like strength, weakness, critical hits, etc)? Want all flowers to deal extra damage against monsters? Maybe you just want to change the blocking mechanics to make blocking with a sword more balanced? There are so many different possibilities with...


Jan 30, 2014 MrLolEthan Release
HungerStay is a plugin that disables hunger on your server. It's very simple and lightweight, with only about 30 lines of code. This is an ideal solution to servers that require hunger to be disabled like minigames, kit PvP, freebuild, etc. - Commands: Currently None. - Permissions: Currently None.

No Inv Death Drop

Jan 24, 2014 MrLolEthan Release
No More Annoying Lag From Items On The Ground This plugin makes all players lose their inventory, but no items drop on the ground when they die. Designed and made for Kit PvP, it's a great Plugin for all you guys running these servers to stop lag and also get rid of annoying drops all over the place. Commands: There currently are no commands Permissions: nodrop.exempt - Allows a player's inventory to drop on the ground. How To Install: Download the NoInvDeathDrop.jar File Drop it into your...

Ban Hammer

Jan 22, 2014 MrLolEthan Release
Ban Hammer Allows you to set a defined Item to be a "Ban Hammer" for use by Admins to Ban Players. Just hold the defined Item in your hand and hit the Players you want to Ban to Ban them! By Default the ban hammer is set to a Golden Hoe. This is configurable in-game though! Just do /bh sethamid [item id] to set the Ban Hammer! It can only be used by Admins so don't worry about random people banning others! Added Permissions! Only players with the permission or OPs can use it! Permissions:...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found