May 23, 2013 Quaiche Release
Broker_Bags is a very simple LibDataBroker (aka LDB) plugin that shows your bag information. It will not display anything by itself and requires an LDB display like NinjaPanel or Fortress to display anything. It provides a simple text display like this: “25/64” that shows used/total. Clicking on the panel toggles your default bags. On mouse rollover, a tooltip is displayed that shows the same display for all of your toons on that realm. Broker_Bags excludes ammo/shard bags since that is well...


May 23, 2013 Quaiche Release
Overview Adds a /tt command for sending whispers to your current target. When used interactively it will dynamically change the text from /tt to a whisper showing your target’s name. Also can be used from macros. No configuration required, just install and go.


May 23, 2013 Quaiche Release
Automatically repair any damaged equipment you have equipped or in your bags when you visit a vendor who can do repairs. No configuration required. Just install and go. Inspired by tekJunkSeller by Tekkub.


May 23, 2013 Quaiche Release
Overview Adds a /gr command for sending whispers to your current group (part/raid/bg/etc). When used interactively it will dynamically change the text from /gr to the appropriate tell command. Also can be used from macros. No configuration required, just install and go.
Screenshot - Locked w/ Target


May 23, 2013 Quaiche Release
About SimpleMarker A simple on-screen set of raid target buttons that only appear when you are allowed to mark (raid leader/assitant or in a 5-man party) and have a target. Easily positioned by dragging where you want it to be. When first installed, the frame will be positioned in the center of the screen. To unlock it and move it, see the slash commands below. Slash Commands The following slash commands are available: Slash Command Description /simplemarker Displays slash command help...


May 23, 2013 Quaiche Release
Overview Tipsy is a simple tooltip repositioning addon. Nothing more, nothing less. Tipsy is the continued evolution of the Ace2 addon LitheTooltipDoctor and replaces it. Includes a LibDataBroker luancher for quick access to the positioning frame. Slash commands Slash Command Description /tipsy Display usage and version information /tipsy show Show the positioning frame. /tipsy reset Reset the tooltip position to the default Bugs, Suggestions or Comments Please file any bugs, suggestions or...
Tooltip Screenshot


Dec 11, 2012 Quaiche Release
About AutoText AutoText is an addon for managing whispers, tells and other messages that you send frequently. You can use it for strats, raid assignments, vent info and many other things. Each message can be assigned to a category to let you group up messages in whatever way you like. Examples might include Officer, Raid, General, etc. The category is used to group related messages in the configuration UI and in the LibDataBroker tooltip. Feature ideas or requests should be filed as Tickets...


Dec 11, 2012 Quaiche Release
A simple LDB plugin that toggles the display of the Combat Log chat frame.


Sep 23, 2012 Quaiche Release
Overview In patch 3.2.2 Blizzard removed the /saveguildroster function for security reasons. So if you have a large guild, or just want to keep a backup of your guild info, you will have no way of tracking your guild info or backing it up to off-realm storage. This addon introduces a new slash command, /gdump, which addresses this need. When invoked it will pop up an edit box containing the guild roster info in tab-delimited (CSV) format for easy copy-paste into Excel or some other tool. It...
oUF_Quaiche Main Block


Sep 09, 2012 Quaiche Inactive
About oUF_Quaiche This is my personal oUF layout. While I appreciate comments and suggestions, this is for MY personal UI so I am unlikely to change anything for you. Before you ask, there are NO buffs or debuffs shown on the frames. This is by design as I use other addons to manage and display my buffs. You are welcome to change the code if you want them in your layout. This layout DOES NOT require a separate installation of oUF to function. Provides the following Unit Frames Player Target...


Apr 01, 2011 Quaiche Inactive
Overview My own personal chatframe and worldframe layout. As shown in the attached screenshot, there are four chat frames, locked into position, across the bottom of the screen. They are slim (85 pixels tall) and are arranged in the following pattern: Position Width Contents Left 20% System, Rolls, General, Say, etc Middle-left 30% Guild, Officer, etc. Middle right 30% Party, Raid, Battleground, etc Right 20% Faction, skill, loot, XP, honor, etc. Because this layout docks the chat frames at...


Jan 25, 2011 Quaiche Inactive
About BattlefieldMinimapScale Ever since I started doing Archaeology with the addon ArchaeologyHelper, I have found myself running with the BattlefieldMinimap open. But it was just too small. For a while I would use a macro the scale it, but got sick of that. And sometimes I found I wanted it small again while I was doing something else or didn’t really need to see it. Thus BattlefieldMinimapScale was born. It is about the simplest thing that could possibly work. Assuming you’ve shown your...