Nov 10, 2013 Requital Release
This is the same Engbags you have come to love. I could not just move on to another Inventory Addon, They just do not fit my style and I needed Engbags. I will keep this updated until it requires a rewrite. All Credit goes to the Original Creator Author - Link - EngBags is an AIOI with autosorting fully configurable. It separate your items as you wish between 9 dynamic bars of items. The sorting is made using...

gfx Toggle 2

Nov 10, 2013 Requital Release
Features What does this addon do? Maybe you are a gamer with a computer, which is not an adequate (perhaps you're gaming on a notebook?) and when you get your char into a crowded area your frames per second (FPS) drop instantly. So what can you do about that? Hmm, changing the graphic settings in WoW would be a good choice but it soon gets a pain in the butt to change it over and over, so I had the idea to code an addon that toggles these settings automatically by just pressing one key or let...

Weekly Quest Check

Sep 20, 2013 Requital Release
Covers all Weekly Bosses and Quests - Weekly Quests & Bosses - Ordos: Yes / No Oondasta: Yes / No Champions: Yes / No TroveChest: Yes / No Nalak: Yes / No Celestrials: Yes / No Sha: Yes / No Galleon: Yes / No LeiShenKey: Yes / No Chamberlain: Yes / No RareMobLooted: Yes / No /wq or /wb
Configure Uptime


Mar 05, 2013 Requital Beta
Originally designed by Gailly - EU DE Zirkel des Cenarius under the name emitpU. I have now taken over the project with his permission and have redesigned it for current content under the name Uptime. Uptime is a buff & Debuff uptime monitor which watches several buffs and debuffs and reports their uptime during combat. There is also a dps, critical hit rate and miss rate display. What's new? Added option to debuffs (Track only own debuffs or by anyone) Added "Move Up" and "Move Down" to buff...


Mar 05, 2013 Requital Release
Cascade is a Compact Combat Log Addon intended to show combat log events pertinent to you! Events are displayed in a compact format, giving you just the information you need. Events are separated based upon whether or not the player is the source or the destination. Cascade was based on EavesDrop by Grayhoof. Original concept by Bant. Events Player Damage, Healing, and Power Gains/Losses Pet Damage and Healing Vehicle Damage and Healing Aura Gains and Fades Incoming/Outgoing Dispels and...