Sc2mapster Heroes

Mar 30, 2015 alleyviper85 Release
Idea Sc2Mapster Heroes will be a map created by the Sc2Mapster community to represent it the best way possible. It's going to be a DotA-Style map with the goal to create a hero for every member of this project as well as the best known members of our community. Concept Sc2Mapster Heroes will be a WoW Arena like map. Further concepts to this are in planning stage. Every Hero has a design either chosen by a member of this project or it will resemble one of the members of the Sc2Mapster...
SC Expanded


Sep 10, 2013 SoulFilcher Beta
SC Expanded adds variety to the standard melee maps. It was planned as a mod to be used with any melee map file. Players can select a few units, upgrades and abilities for each race, but the main feature is that players can affiliate to a faction (or brood, tribe), unlocking exclusive units, structures and abilities. It uses many units and abilities seen in SC2 campaign, but many more were created for this mod. Many "useless" units got a new role and are avaiable for players. Updated here on...

Extra Gore System

Apr 05, 2012 SoulFilcher Beta
I uploaded this map in order to display a system I created some time ago but never used. Basically it creates blood splats on the screen when biological units are killed. The system is very simple right now and it allows the map maker to change the frequency blood is created and how many splats can be on screen at any given time. I wanted the blood to fade away slowly but I couldn't do it. I hope someone find a good use for it. If you have any ideas to improve/fix the system please tell me....
SC2 Expanded

SC Expanded River Valley

Nov 06, 2011 SnyderGuy Release
Soulflitcher, has allowed me to use his SC Expanded Mod, so I went around creating 10 different maps, this was one I liked, but wasn't the biggest, I added the mod, added a few triggers for water states, and incase you don't know what SC Expanded is, all you have to do is build a forge, evolution chamber, engineering bay, select your upgrades at the bottom, and build normally, but with different units ano tactics, ALL mod credit goes to Soulflitcher, hope you like... :D