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Aug 14, 2014 Squawkers13 Release
FeatherEconomy- light as a feather FeatherEconomy is a simple and lightweight economy plugin designed to provide full support for the latest Minecraft updates while still providing a lightweight and simple player experience. Features Full UUID support Custom currency names Basic economy commands (/balance, /pay) Automatic updates Lightweight developer API NOTE: The GitHub documentation is currently a work in progress. Installation/Setup Contents Commands /econ set - Set a player's balance....


Jun 24, 2014 Squawkers13 Mature
Hello everyone! I've picked up development from ReeseNator and will be maintaining this plugin. Expect a release soon! :) -Squawkers13 What is it? BossBroadcaster is the easiest and most simple Boss Bar Broadcaster there is! It offers quite a bit of customization and with loads of features. Features Color Codes Player name support Config to save your broadcasts Help page Very few commands Setup To setup BossBroadcaster, first you need to have permissions which are listed on the Commands &...
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Project Rassilon: Timelord Regeneration

Apr 12, 2014 Squawkers13 Release
Heads up: I WILL be updating this to the Sponge API. More info when it comes! Project Rassilon is a plugin that allows you to regenerate just like the Time Lords from Doctor Who! Features Regenerate upon death with an awesome particle effect. You can only regenerate a certain number of times. (The faithful default is 12.) Force yourself to regenerate with a command. Prevent regeneration with a command. Buy regenerations from admin-created shop signs. Automatic updating. (See below.) A bunch...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found