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Feb 28, 2013 Rafa652 Release
MinecraftBot is 1.5 Compatible The latest version of MinecraftBot should work with 1.5 with no changes. If however you find a bug, please file a ticket. MinecraftBot is a plugin that joins an IRC channel as a bot. The bot displays messages coming from Minecraft and sends messages to Minecraft that come from IRC. The goal of this plugin is to be simple to set up and use. It doesn't have any extra features other than passing messages back and forth. If you are looking for something that does...


Dec 16, 2012 TerrorBiteIndustries Inactive
InformaBan aims to provide a kick/ban system that: Provides kick, ban and tempban functionality; Does one thing only (managing bans), and does it well; Is compatible with other plugins that have kick/ban functions, if possible; Is easy for admins and mods to use, while remaining configurable for the power admin; Is informative to users by providing easy to read details when kicked or banned; Tracks the past kick/ban history of users to allow admins and mods to easily identify repeat...


Nov 09, 2012 TerrorBiteIndustries Release
MaintAnnounce: Put your server in maintenance mode It's funny cause MaintAnnounce sounds like maintenance when you say it fast Important Note I developed MaintAnnounce in the space of about 3 hours for my own personal use, and decided to share it here on BukkitDev. As far as I am concerned, this plugin is complete. I am releasing it to the public "as is" so that anyone may use it. Please be aware that since it is released "as is", MaintAnnounce might not be updated, fixed or expanded upon in...

Trading Post

Sep 08, 2012 TerrorBiteIndustries Inactive
Trading Post Auction-based item trading with no economy plugins Moving into testing phase - contact if interested in helping. Ever wanted to easily offer items for trade, and get the best value? This plugin allows item-based auctions to occur. Players may post items up for auction, at which time the items are taken from them and held by the trading post. Other players can view the list of auctions and bid on them with their own items. Again, items bid are removed from the bidding player and...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found