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Apr 08, 2014 TheEpicButterStudios Beta
QUANTUM64 ABANDONED CMSG I expect to have a release out ASAP. Stay with us. Dependencies Vault - 100% optional. SG will link vault for default rank prefixes and will hook econ for currency instead of using points. Protocol Lib - HIGHLY recommended. The plugin will not spaz or crash without protocol lib, but some features will be disabled if it is not installed. Links Go to this wiki (all information): The Wiki Visit out website: Support the fileserver: A...


Mar 17, 2014 TheEpicButterStudios Planning
What it does You define a time in the config in which a timer in the server's MOTD counts down, in seconds. Setup Just edit the config and run your server. Config Open config.yml in plugins\MOTDCounter and change these values: countdown-seconds: IntegerValue - The # of seconds to count down message: TextString - MOTD message to be displayed before seconds. Additional info There are no commands or permissions.


Dec 09, 2013 TheEpicButterStudios Beta
InstaTnT InstaTnT InstaTnT is my 2nd bukkit plugin, it allows TnT to ignite (NOT explode) instantly. You will LOVE Insta-BOOM TnT! Now go grief! Commands /instaboom : Enables or disables InstaTnT for the sender. /instaboom help: Displays help. /instaboom reload: Reloads InstaTnT. Permissions Coming Soon! Note To Server Owners Although this is a fun plugin, I warn you griefers will take advantage of this. Be careful before downloading. Thanks to: JSKROX My friend who is very supportive....


Oct 09, 2013 TheEpicButterStudios Inactive
DerpPlugin Is there ever a time where you want to tell a player they are being a derp? Now you can! This HILARIOUS plugin is a lightweight, easy-to-use plugin. I expect to release a buggy test version later. With its easy-to-use commands, server owners and players alike will enjoy this hilarious plugin! Commands: /derp <Player> : DERP displays in <Player>'s chat. /derp : Enables Derp for player. Permissions derp.command : Perm for /derp . COMING SOON. The updates will keep coming! TO DO LIST:...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found