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Apr 08, 2014 TheEpicButterStudios Beta
QUANTUM64 ABANDONED CMSG I expect to have a release out ASAP. Stay with us. Dependencies Vault - 100% optional. SG will link vault for default rank prefixes and will hook econ for currency instead of using points. Protocol Lib - HIGHLY recommended. The plugin will not spaz or crash without protocol lib, but some features will be disabled if it is not installed. Links Go to this wiki (all information): The Wiki Visit out website: Support the fileserver: A...


Dec 09, 2013 TheEpicButterStudios Beta
InstaTnT InstaTnT InstaTnT is my 2nd bukkit plugin, it allows TnT to ignite (NOT explode) instantly. You will LOVE Insta-BOOM TnT! Now go grief! Commands /instaboom : Enables or disables InstaTnT for the sender. /instaboom help: Displays help. /instaboom reload: Reloads InstaTnT. Permissions Coming Soon! Note To Server Owners Although this is a fun plugin, I warn you griefers will take advantage of this. Be careful before downloading. Thanks to: JSKROX My friend who is very supportive....


Oct 09, 2013 TheEpicButterStudios Inactive
DerpPlugin Is there ever a time where you want to tell a player they are being a derp? Now you can! This HILARIOUS plugin is a lightweight, easy-to-use plugin. I expect to release a buggy test version later. With its easy-to-use commands, server owners and players alike will enjoy this hilarious plugin! Commands: /derp <Player> : DERP displays in <Player>'s chat. /derp : Enables Derp for player. Permissions derp.command : Perm for /derp . COMING SOON. The updates will keep coming! TO DO LIST:...


Mar 17, 2014 TheEpicButterStudios Planning
What it does You define a time in the config in which a timer in the server's MOTD counts down, in seconds. Setup Just edit the config and run your server. Config Open config.yml in plugins\MOTDCounter and change these values: countdown-seconds: IntegerValue - The # of seconds to count down message: TextString - MOTD message to be displayed before seconds. Additional info There are no commands or permissions.
  • 4 bukkit plugins found