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Faction Grinder 3

May 08, 2012 Tiok Inactive
Faction Grinder has gone to version 3! Now with improved localization and in-game settings integration. Revived in preparation for Mists! We are working on updating old factions and adding new ones. If you'd like to help, check out the TemplateFaction.lua file in \FactionData and see how easy they are to make now! Features: Track faction items on all your characters and include them in your item count Turn-in locations for all repeatable rep quests Mouse over quest icons for detailed grinding...


Oct 12, 2010 Tiok Inactive
Did you know that addons only save their data if you quit WoW normally? If WoW crashes, you have a power outage, or anything of that sort, any data from your latest play session is lost! CrashProofer helps protect your addon data by backing it up to your other guild members who also use CrashProofer. That way when you log back in, they can send you back the data you would otherwise have lost! As an added bonus, CrashProofer can be used to synchronize addon data between guild members, so you...