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bPerm none


Dec 22, 2014 codename_B Release
The future of bPermissions As there is something of a mass exodus of most of the bukkit staff, I'd thought I'd share some words on the future of bPermissions. Short term, it's looking as if new file approvals are going to take some time, so the best place to get an up to date bPermissions is to look on the jenkins server for unapproved builds. Mid to long term, unless bukkit gets revived, I hope to port bPermissions to the sponge project once that's in a mature enough state to port a...
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Ascii Bukkit Menu

Jan 22, 2013 user777 Release
Ascii Bukkit Menu What is it? Ascii Bukkit Menu is a Bukkit server manager. Written with bash, designed to be simple and robust. Should work out of the box on most distros. Specificly designed to run on a headless server via a ssh session. Features: Uses screen to keep server session running in background, can reconnect at anytime. Start/Stop/Restart commands. Send commands directly to bukkit server. Automatically update Bukkit server to latest recommended. Bukkit server log rotation. Rotates...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found