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Jan 11, 2014 Trolldood3 Inactive
BATTLEDOME ATTENTION: I no longer have time to support this plugin. Source is HERE: The first ever WORKING BattleDome plugin for your bukkit server made public. Requested by pandawhite5 on bukkit forums. What this plugin does: This is a multi arena plugin, much like the SurvivalGames plugin by Double_0_Neagative that hosts not the survival games but a surival-pvp arena. In battle dome, players...


Jul 21, 2014 Trolldood3 Planning
BukkitCommons NOTE: THIS IS A DEVELOPER PLUGIN. IT PROVIDES NO FUNCTIONALITY STANDALONE UNLESS ANOTHER PLUGIN DEPENDS ON IT. BukkitCommons^ is a library of utilities designed to ease programming using the Bukkit^ API. Build stats: Javadocs: Features: Extra collections, including HashStructures and abstract hashing structures, along with the implemented hashing API. Concurrency utilities: Low-level access to locking structures, synchronization...


Jun 02, 2013 Trolldood3 Release
Ever had a PvP server or a Survival Games server where your players want to ignite TNT as they place it? Well here it is! Just Drag and Drop into your plugins directory and restart your server! What it does: When you place tnt, this plugin, if in your plugins directory, will auto ignite it for you. I will not accept feature requests as I intend to keep this lightweight and simple. FAQ: Q: Will you add multiworld support? A: No. Q: How can I use this for multiple worlds? A: Use your per world...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found