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Anti X-Ray

Apr 16, 2014 blablubbabc Release
PREVENTS cheaters from taking all the good stuff for themselves, without the tremendous overhead of Orebfuscator. How does it work? Basically, players are limited in the amount of valuable ores they can mine, based on their play time on the server. Legitimate, non-cheating players probably won't notice because the default limits are generous, but xrayers will be blocked from mining ore too quickly. So cheaters can still cheat, but they can't take more than a non-cheating player's reasonable...
Grief Prevention

Grief Prevention

Mar 02, 2014 Tux2 Mature
7.8 Beta Availability UUID support is coming! Also, due to the excess amount of tickets I have disabled new ticket creation until I go through the code base and get everything sorted out. Please be patient with me as this may take up to a month or more until I get a stable release of the plugin out Yes! We already know what's broken and are working on fixing it! Please don't contact us with bug reports at the moment! We will open comments and tickets back up when we are ready for them. A Beta...
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Extra Hard Mode

Jan 17, 2014 Diemex Release
Extra Hard Mode changes the game rules to create NEW, INTERESTING CHALLENGES for players who have mastered the core game. Unlike Mojang's "hard" mode or other plugins' "hardcore" modes which just punish you more for making mistakes without actually changing game mechanics, Extra Hard Mode delivers interesting new challenges for advanced players. Important Info Detailed rundown of all features and configuration help Check here or here (alternate formatting) You can enable specific features...

Population Density

Jan 06, 2014 jkcclemens Mature
PopulationDensity PopulationDensity automatically assigns wilderness starting areas for new players so that they always have room to build and ready access to wood, coal, and iron. Never again will your players experience a marathon run, spawn room full of portals, or maze of abandoned builds. This is a zero maintenance solution for administrators, and players don't need to learn any commands! YES, this is compatible with your existing worlds with any already-established player population....
  • 4 bukkit plugins found