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Mar 26, 2014 bluegru Beta
Description: ZombieEscape is a gamemode based on the infected mode from MW as requested from omggrim. Original Thread After the player joined the arena they have to wait in the lobby until the game starts. After that they have ten seconds to run away. After that time a random player is chosen to be the first zombie. Every time a player dies, he becomes a zombie. The zombies win after every player is a zombie. This is just the Beta. I will add lots of cool stuff, like multiple arena support,...


Mar 23, 2014 bluegru Beta
Hello guys my name is Polarcraft and I will start updating this plugin soon :D. So just give me a few and i will start the updating process :D This is my first time with Java EasyHeal allowes you to heal yourself or other players on your bukkit server. When updated with permission funktions you can use it as operator help, on server under construction, for pixelart server or as city-build job like healer. or whatever you want Commands /heal - heals the player /heal [name] - heals the [name]...
BattleScore ingame


Jun 27, 2013 bluegru Beta
BattleScore coutns your PvP kills and Deaths (only player versus player kills/deaths). Use a command to see how good you are in PvP. Commands /bs - shows your kills and deaths To-Do-List Add permissions Create configurable messages Create configurable score Add more commands Download BattleScore: | V1.0 | Changelog: V1.0 First release My other plugins: EasyHeal | EasyShortenings | BattleScore | ZombieEscape | please leave a comment Translation errors? please contact me!


Apr 24, 2013 bluegru Release
EasyShortenings shortens known commands to a minimum. This saves time when writing and you memorize the commands better. Commands /ec - Displays the help page /h [player] - Heals the player /k [player] - Kills the player /ig [player] - Burns the players /in [player] - Makes you invisible (for the player) To-Do-List Add permissions Add configurable messages Add configurable values Add more commands Update to CraftBukkit 1.5.1 Download EasyShortenings | V1.1 | V1.0 | Changelog: V1.1 Update to...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found